Friday, 18 January 2008

Kitty's First Raid

Back to talking about my kitty after the last post 's diversion to my priest 8-)

The guild had their usual "casual" run to Karazhan last night and I signed up and got a place. The casual run is mainly for alts or progressing guild members so that they can get geared up and have fun, so it's a bit more light hearted than our speed runs which I posted about last time. Having said that, 1 or 2 of the core raiding team normally tag along for the fun.

I got another shining moment on one of the big trash pulls before Attumen. We totally missed the pull and our two main healers died in pretty short order so I popped out and combat rez'd one of them and started to help out with healing. Problem was the rez'd healer was having to do so much healing on the two tanks that she got aggro again and pretty soon it was back to me trying to keep the remaining tank alive virtually OOM. Needless to say, the remaining tank went down.... so I popped a mana pot, shifted into cuddle-bear and ended up tanking the last remaining mob. Nasty when those moments happen but always nice to know that you have options.

For the majority of the time I was dps, but I was asked to OT on one of the bigger pulls and to hold one of Moroes buddies since we only had the one priest for a shackle. Karazhan is not ideal for a kitty since undead don't bleed... meh... but it did give me a chance to rack up some nice numbers on the Ferocious Bite crits... yay... I just love those numbers over 3,000 8-)

At this point I have to give credit to our MT Awar. The man is a god! He gets snap aggro so fast and builds threat so quickly I almost gave up looking at the threatmeter because it didn't matter. Hail to the master.

Drop wise I was blessed. Curator dropped the right gloves and the only other guildy who needed passed to me (big hugs and catnip to Thornrage) so I'm now the proud owner of a pair of
Gauntlets of Malorne. I also popped rep to Friendly and picked up the tanking ring so my armour is now just over the 25,500 mark without buffs/pots. I have dropped a little defense rating though so will have to swap back one of my stam gems for a defense one.

As this is only my first tier piece I'm stuck with keeping my dps gloves (
Fel Leather Gloves) until I get the second for the 2-piece bonus.

Finally, I did OK on the meters. I was 3rd behind one of our core raiding rouges and a very promising lock despie the fact that I was tanking and healing for some of the time.

All in all, a satisfying first raid for kitty. Extra catnip last night!

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