Saturday, 16 February 2008

Raid Wipes

There's been a few of these posts on blogs recently. Never let it be said that I miss a bandwagon as it rolls by!

Last Monday we managed to get a 25-man together so off we toddled to the Eye to see if we could kill Void Reaver for the second time.

I was on Ceara who I've respec'd recently to get Circle of Healing - it's actually really helpful in keeping up melee groups on fights like Void Reaver. So, while MT stays at the entrance to the room I'm sneaking round the edges with my rogue buddies to get behind him opposite the tanks.

Raid leader calls the ready, and MT calls the pull...

Now, my usual opener is to drop a frisbee and a renew on MT at the opening of the fight, so I've got MT targeted. Damn, he's out of range so I inch forward a bit. Still out of range, so forward a bit more... a bit more... a bit more...

Yeah, you guessed already didn't you? All of a sudden, VR does a 180 and lil squishy holy priest is going head to toe with 200 tons of metal.

Ah well... at least the wipe was quick.

We did get him on the second attempt though and then went off to clear Gruul again for good measure!

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