Monday, 31 December 2007

Pre-Raid DPS Gear

OK, I said in my first post that it's quite easy to gear yourself up as a kitty drood before going near a heroic or raid instance and without endlessly farming instances for drops. Emmerald's List is a good starting point and I understand that the guys over at RAWR are working on a kitty version of their app to go alongside the bear one... Hurry up already guys 8-)

Just to throw my two penn'orth in though, this is the way I went.


Helm of the Claw - Quest reward from The Warlord's Hideout
Natasha's Pack Collar - Quest reward from The Hound-Master
Blackened Leather Spaulders - Revered with Kurenai
Dawnstrike's Cloak - Quest reward from Down with Daellis
Nomad's Woven Cloak - Quest reward from Bring Me The Egg! is better to be honest but I just couldn't land in the nest and gave up in disgust. Maybe I'll have another go sometime when I'm bored.
Hauberk of Karabor - Quest reward from Varedis Must Be Stopped (There are Aldor and Scryer versions of this quest)
Ferocious Bands - Quest reward from Escape from the Staging Grounds - Don't let the fact that these are green fool you, they are some very nice dps wrists
Fel Leather Gloves - BoE Crafted - Requires a LW who is Friendly with Consortium
Naaru Belt of Precision - Quest reward from How to Break into the Arcatraz (I've still got to get this quest completed). For Scryers, Socrethar's Girdle from the quest Turning Point is even better.
Clefthoof Hide Leggings - Quest reward from Showdown (Not to be confused with the tanking legs Heavy Clefthoof Leggings!). I got lucky and Midnight Legguards dropped from heroic Slave Pens while farming rep. The clefthoof are marginally better but I just can't quite force myself to give up that purple - shame on me 8-(
Fel Leather Boots - BoE Crafted - Requires a LW who is Honored with Consortium
Overseer's Signet - Quest reward from Shutting Down Manafroge Ara (Aldor)
Slayer's Mark of Redemption - Quest reward from Dissension Amongst the Ranks...
Figurine - Nightseye Panther - Unfortunately this is BoP for Jewelcrafters and requires Revered with Cenarion Expedition. However, most droods will be going for Earthwarden anyway so the rep requirement should be easy enough.
Hourglass of the Unraveller - This is a departure from my policy of listing craftables or quest rewards. However, you should really be thinking about farming Keepers of Time rep for the tanking shoulder enchant anyway and it drops in Black Morass.
Don't get me started on this! There isn't one, not unless you get lucky like me and have Idol of Feral Shadows fall into your lap
Fleshling Simulation Staff - Quest reward from Nexus-King Salhadaar. Don't go for Wildcaller but take the Hauberk for your chest, unless you already have better. These are both stand-ins until you get Earthwarden anyway.

This get you nicely over the hit cap and, gemmed and enchanted should put you at about 32% crit and nearly 2,500 AP.

In a future post I may do the same for my bear gear but there are lots of bear gear guides out there already.

If I've missed anything or got something wrong, don't hesitate to let me know.

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